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10 in-demand digital jobs reviewed

by Sorbaioli
10 in-demand digital jobs reviewed

A good ten years have passed since I was on the benches of the Grandes Ecoles which gave me a real taste for commerce and in particular for digital commerce. Today, I find myself on the other side of the amphitheater to, alongside my job, teach with passion what I have learned from my digital experience, whether in the field of webmarketing, SEO, Display, e-commerce, and more.

I can see that students who wish to work in digital professions have a host of knowledge to acquire, each as interesting as the other, but in return, they will have a range choice in these professions that we could not even imagine before.

We can’t learn everything, we can’t know everything, which is why we find more and more Grandes Ecoles that specialize in preparing their students for very specialized digital professions.

I have chosen to showcase in this article 10 digital professions which are certainly less known but whose experts bring a real plus to digital marketing and e-commerce professionals in particular, but also to many other entrepreneurs in the different sectors that need it today and/or in the future.

Front End Developer job

Average starting salary: €25,000

then between €25,000 & €40,000

Level of studies: Bac+ 5 and more Master or MBA in web development

The mission of the front end developer

Who says “digital”, necessarily says “user interface”. Indeed, whether it is a site, a service, an app… users expect to interact quickly and easily with the site or app they are consulting. The job of a front-end developer is therefore to create digital interfaces that are easy to use and compatible with all browsers for all people who want to access them, whether with a mobile device or a desktop. To make an analogy, the front end developer is the engineer who builds the user experience of a site or an app.

Front-end Developer prospects

Although he has excellent computer skills, this developer must keep abreast of the evolution of programming languages, and maintain a certain sensitivity to design. Depending on his experience and the computer languages ​​he masters, his remuneration will vary significantly.

Among the organizations specializing in digital professions, the school of Digital School stands out for the panel of specialties in web marketing training that it offers. These courses allow students to have many professional opportunities in highly sought-after digital professions.

The profession of Web Ergonomist

Average starting salary: €24,000

then between 25,000 & 40,000 €/year

Level of studies: Bac+ 5 or MBA in Master’s degree in web development or internet technologies

The mission of the Web Ergonomist

In e-commerce, for example, the more user-friendly a site is, the higher the conversion rates will be. The mission of the web ergonomist is therefore to make navigation as fluid as possible on the website so that the user experience is improved and encourages them to take action. He will therefore have to study the behavior of the personas of each site on which he works so that their visitors navigate with maximum comfort through the content offered. If the front end developer is the engineer who builds the user experience, the web ergonomist is the architect.

Prospects for the evolution of Web Ergonomists

He could become a web project manager or artistic director if he deepens his knowledge of web design and interactivity.

The job of Traffic Manager

Average starting salary: €25,000

then between 40,000 & 60,000 € / year

Education level: Bac+ 4, +5 or more

The mission of the Traffic Manager

With a website that is easy to find on the internet, whose navigation is pleasant and fast, the Traffic Manager intervenes to improve the visibility of his client’s brand and thus increase his sales. Based on the site’s audience measurements, to optimize it, it will have to use several means such as better referencing, marketing campaigns, partnerships, affiliation, etc.

The evolution prospects of the Traffic Manager

He more broadly occupies a position in the e-commerce sector. If he has experience in SEO consulting or web marketing, he will have easier access to positions of responsibility within marketing teams in a company.

The profession of SEO consultant

Average starting salary: €25,000

then between €26,000 & €55,000/year

Education level Bac+4, +5 or more

The missions of the SEO Consultant

Natural referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most important criteria for a site to appear in the best positions on the search engine results page. What means does the SEO consultant use to position his client’s site in the first search results?

  • Audits allow him to detect technical blockages, to study keywords, tags, etc., to see popularity on social networks, netlinking;
  • An SEO strategy will be put in place with his client by improving the blockages and defects found during the audits;
  • Analyzes of SEO performance as well as follow-up of recommendations will allow him to see the commercial impact of his actions and the ROI.

The prospects for the evolution of the SEO Consultant

It is a relatively recent profession and in full development given its importance. The profession of SEO consultant can evolve quickly as an SEO analytics consultant, technical consultant, SEO project manager, web marketing director… They often work in agencies or with advertisers.

The profession of SMO Consultant

Starting salary: €25,000 to €38,000

then up to €50,000/year

Education level Bac+4, +5 or more

The mission of the SMO Consultant

The SMO consultant (Social media Optimization) is a SEO pro but also an expert in social networks. He must increase the visibility of the company that employs him on social networks. He has an SMO strategy adapted to the demands of his client to target user behavior on social networks and improve brand awareness.

The prospects for the evolution of the SMO Consultant

Actions on the media and social networks count more and more these days for the good visibility of a company. The SMO consultant is therefore in high demand and can occupy different positions in the SEO/SMO editorial strategy of the site. He can also be a good Community Manager by managing communities on social media.

The job of E-CRM Project Manager

Starting salary: €20,000

then from 22,000 to 50,000 €

Education level: Bac +4

The mission of the E-CRM Project Manager

He essentially takes care of the relationship with consumers who visit the website and does everything possible to keep them and even build their loyalty. It is therefore the CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) whose mission is to personalize the company’s offers to satisfy customers and keep them by all means with very active acquisition and loyalty campaigns.

The prospects for the development of the E-CRM Project Manager

The E-CRM is able to adapt the customer relationship to digital transformation. He can then eventually occupy a position of marketing director or communications director.

The profession of Data Scientist

Salary: €35,000 to €42,000

Education level: Bac+ 5 or more

The mission of the Data Scientist

With the explosion of data on the Internet, their storage, their sharing, a new profession has appeared whose mission is to manage and improve the company’s Big Data. In marketing we also speak of predictive marketing.

The Data Scientist thus uses millions of information found on the web to build a strategy to develop the company’s business.

The prospects for the evolution of the Data Scientist

Few people have heard of this profession, yet the large corporations that employ them appreciate its value. It is a profession of the future because the information data will only increase and it will be decisive for the strategies to be applied on the web.

The job of Artistic Director

Average starting salary: €25,000

then from 25,000 to 50,000 €

Level of studies: Bac +5 & more with training in graphic design, webdesign and multimedia

The mission of the Artistic Director

The aesthetic and ergonomic side of a website is very important. We call on the artistic director to set up the “look & feel”, according to the constraints of the brand’s image. It is up to him to build the visual aspect of a magazine, a book, a television program or an advertisement. Apart from the design, he must also negotiate with service providers and ensure technical follow-up.

The prospects for the development of the Artistic Director

Given that he has several strings to his bow, not only in graphic design, web design and multimedia, but also in management, project management and communication, his salary and career will evolve in different sectors of communication.

Blockchain Architect job

Average starting salary: €32,000

Level of studies: Bac+ 5 or more Engineering & Management

The missions of the Blockchain Architect

Blockchain paves the way for a new web and a new digital economy. This new web is made up of new players, who follow new economic logics. They make possible new strategies, but also innovative business models and better distributed value sharing. The Blockchain architect is in charge of implementing this brand new technology in many areas: finance, banking, insurance, video games, telecoms… He of course organizes the services around these projects.

The prospects for the evolution of the Blockchain Architect

It is the profession of the future par excellence that all companies will need. It is sought after by large multinationals but also very often by start-ups. We tear off the Blackchain developers. They can then earn between €110,000 and €130,000/year!

The profession of Crypto Currency Consultant

Starting salary: €28,000 to €42,000

Education level: Bac+ 5 or more

The missions of Consultant in Cryptocurrency

They are above all experts in digital currency. They advise start-ups and investors in their strategic or development decisions. They also have a role in the analysis of Crypto currencies, but can also intervene in marketing and advertising, business development,…

The prospects for the evolution of the Consultant in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies have a direct and indirect impact in all sectors. This is why cryptocurrency consultants have a bright future because they are very few candidates compared to the demands of companies, where they will be able to manage teams and even, with engineering knowledge by specializing in Blockchain, become responsible for a development project.

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