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Make a flyer – A timeless method of communication

by Sorbaioli
Make a flyer - A timeless method of communication

We return today to a “historical” communication support: the flyer. Objective, design, printing, distribution, all the steps to make a success of this form of advertising which is always in fashion with, as we will see, their creation online.

What is a flyer?

Flyer comes from the English word to designate an airplane passenger and by extension an advertising leaflet that “flies” from hand to hand to promote a product or publicize a place or an event.

The flyer can take several forms depending on its size, the text, the use of photos. This is why we can speak of flyers but also of prospectuses, advertising posters, leaflets, brochures, loose sheets, etc.

When the flyer takes the form of a mini advertising poster, it aims to be distributed by hand in the form of leaflets to the widest and most diverse audience possible. It can also be left in busy shops for their customers or in the mailboxes of individuals, or even on the windshield of cars.

Is the flyer still useful?

The Flyer: a good communication tool

The flyer seems to never go out of fashion: it was already distributed in 1912 and certainly still long before!

Today, it is a communication lever that is always appreciated by stores or companies that want to inform as many people as possible about their products, the events they organize or launch their activity.

In the age of the Internet, mobile communications and sustainable development, the paper leaflet remains an important vector of advertising for businesses. What open perspectives on your next street marketing operations whose effectiveness is proven.

Indeed, individuals are overwhelmed with information on their computers or their mobiles: for SMEs as for large groups, for tanning salons as for retail chains, nothing can replace direct questioning and the speech immediate with the distribution of a flyer. The issue of proximity will be the main attraction of this technique.

However, if you want to have a strong advertising impact, in particular to promote the opening of your new store or create a flyer for an event, this requires gathering a summary of information with an attractive visual that must hold your attention.

The Flyer: wide distribution

Flyers are advertising tools targeting a specific catchment area in which they are distributed. These are indeed practical tools to set up and which do not require a high cost. So why deprive yourself of it?

The best way to optimize the distribution of your flyers is to target different segments of audiences and go to the places they are used to frequenting. Schools and universities for musical evenings, galleries and art shops for exhibitions, etc. It is advantageous to place yourself in places of obligatory passage (station, bus stop, shopping centre) to reach as many people as possible.

Also, choose carefully the stores where you will be authorized to deposit your flyers so that they correspond to the people you are targeting and who are likely to be interested.

Optimize your flyer design

The operation must be based on quality support and a message. Even before understanding the information, the individual senses the interest of the flyer. The texture of the paper, the colors, the images speak well before the content of the document. The more these elements are worked on according to the target, the more likely the flyer is to remain in the recipient’s hand, and therefore to hold their attention.

Yes, but here it is: imagining a good flyer that only has a few seconds to attract the consumer’s attention and turn him into a customer, is not easy!

Your flyer must meet two complementary objectives:

  • the first objective is to make the public want to go to your event or use your services. The visual of your communication medium must be as creative as possible so that your promotion stands out from the others in a world saturated with advertising.
  • The second objective is to share the necessary information so that interested people can find the location of the event and / or the way to contact your company. It is therefore essential to gather all the essential data: places and date of the event or the opening of your company, contact details (telephone, email, website, geographical location, etc.).

The challenge is to succeed in integrating an attractive visual and complete information in a small format able to fit in a hand or a pocket. Most of the time, the flyer does not exceed 1/2 A4 and most often takes the size of 1/3 A4 in length. The impression is important as well as the quality of the graphics, the colors.

Optimize the printing of your flyers

Again, the sites that offer the total creation of the flyer online and deliver them to you, offer you a print of your choice.

The most important point in the success of the printing of your flyer is to choose a good quality paper reflecting the performance of your activity. To have a quality flyer that will be unique and therefore noticed, the paper chosen for printing and all its finishes must clearly reflect your brand and capture the full attention of your audience. 

It’s up to you to choose between a more sober matte paper or a shiny paper that will attract attention but can also have the defect of looking a little “cheap”. In any case, you should not print your flyers with a weight lower than 120g because the image returned will not be that of a good quality company.

The simple and convenient solution for printing a flyer is to go to online printing companies. Many also offer many other products that can set you apart from the competition: brochures, posters, stickers, calendars, business cards, etc. Here you can define the characteristics of your support thanks to a wide range of options (format, design paper, weight, number of pages, etc.). In addition, you can be advised on the printing characteristics for an optimal rendering.

Do not hesitate to print your flyers in quantity because the unit price is decreasing and a successful communication campaign requires mass promotion aimed at the widest possible audience.

Six examples of well-constructed flyers

To obtain attractive and useful flyers, I offer you 6 examples based on the following 3 points:

  • Your flyer must have a strong title that interests, inspires and attracts your audience.
  • The proposed offer must be attractive, relevant and encourage action.
  • Strong, bold images that represent your business well and should be placed before text.
  • Your message should be easy to read, so with easily legible fonts and character colors.

1/ For the consistency of colors, typography and graphics which completely immerses the public in the universe of the event:

2/ For the quirky and vintage side of the graphics which stands out from other offers by attracting the attention of prospects:

3/ For the originality of the graphic design concept which intrigues and really makes you want to know more:

4/ For the desired graphics:

5/ For the aesthetic and poetic universe that represents the image that the brand wants to convey to its female audience:

6/ For the quality of the graphics which are attractive and intriguing at the same time. It gives the promise of an event out of the ordinary and enriching by its diversity.




The flyer can take several forms depending on its size, the text, the use of photos. This is why we can speak of flyers but also of prospectuses, advertising posters, leaflets, loose sheets, etc.

A flyer is a mini advertising poster which aims to be distributed to the widest and most diverse audience possible, in a targeted catchment area. It is one of the cheapest and most practical marketing materials to set up, and which allows you to communicate to as many people as possible.


Yes, because they are used to develop the attractiveness of a local business with consumers (BtoC audience) or to communicate with professional customers (BtoB audience). They can be used to promote the launch of an activity or the running of an event.


The information to be conveyed must have an attractive visual and hold the attention while making the public want to go to your event or use your services. This is why the visual of your communication medium must be as creative as possible so that your promotion stands out from the others in a universe saturated with advertising. The impression is important as well as the quality of the graphics, the colors…

Designing and printing flyers can be done completely online today on flyer design platforms like Adobe Express. You can also take your own designs to print shops or upload them to their site.

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