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My opinion on Zyro, where when artificial intelligence meets website creation

by Sorbaioli
My opinion on Zyro, where when artificial intelligence meets website creation

Research in the field of artificial intelligence started in the 1950s. Today, there is a lot of it, and yet we are only in its infancy. It turns out that a CMS platform promises to put AI at the service of creating your website: it is Zyro!

What is Zyro?

Zyro is a CMS (website creation tool) that is ultra intuitive

Zyro is a website creation tool (CMS) that aims to be extremely easy to use. With Zyro, you can put a showcase site or an e-commerce site online in less than 1 hour.

It offers ready-to-use and up-to-date graphic templates. The creation of your website is simple and is based on a grid on which it is intuitive to create your site, block by block.

It is an ideal CMS for a freelancer, for example, who would like to create an online portfolio. Quality models are already available natively in the platform.

As for SEO, Zyro gives you the possibility to control the basic elements, such as the title & description tags of your pages, as well as your URLs. The platform also promises optimized loading times, which helps your rankings on Google.

On the e-commerce side, you can easily manage your catalog, your orders and your stock. You also manage shipping options, VAT calculation and payment options. The platform also integrates with third parties, so you can sell on Facebook, Instagram or even Amazon.

Zyro’s biggest asset? His price

The CMS is very affordable. With a promotional call price of €1.55/month, we can say that Zyro is positioned as one of the cheapest solutions on the market for creating your site easily, quickly and at low cost.

And if you sell online, Zyro won’t charge you any commission, unlike other e-commerce platforms.

Finally, you have a 30-day guarantee, which gives you enough time to try the platform for yourself.

The fundamental difference of Zyro? An “All-in-one” approach for VSEs, with a lot of machine learning

However, Zyro is not just an intuitive and inexpensive CMS platform. Indeed, the firm wanted to go further than just creating a website.

Zyro is positioned as a “hub” to help micro-enterprises “make their business exist” on the Internet. Zyro thus offers tools and other “AI” generators that simplify your work and make it less painful.

  • Easily import content from your old website,
  • find a new business name,
  • generate a logo in a few simple steps,
  • crop an image in seconds,
  • or overcome the blank page phenomenon…

Zyro’s AI aims to help you meet these challenges. What I offer you in the rest of this article is to share with you my honest opinion on each of the “artificial intelligence powered” tools offered by Zyro. What are they really worth?

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My take on Zyro’s AI tools for CONTENT creation

Content generator

Will bloggers, journalists and other writers of all kinds be replaced by machines? We are not there yet, and yet Zyro firmly believes that artificial intelligence can relieve publishers of a sometimes painful task: the creation of texts for their website.

Of all the AI ​​arsenal presented on the Zyro site, the “assisted” content generation is the feature that attracts the most attention.

  • The tool can generate a text from a category and subcategory of your choice (ex: Restaurants > Coffeeshop),
  • or you can start a few lines of writing, then the machine will write the rest for you.
  • In both cases, the tool generates several text proposals that you can review individually.

However, be warned, the French version gives somewhat “questionable” results! Even using the American version of the toolthe text generated is far from perfect, but not totally inconsistent… What should be remembered is that the approach is interesting. One can easily foreshadow the potential of such a tool, backed by a CMS.

Even if the algorithms are not yet perfect, it is almost obvious that in the future, editorial work (especially for websites) will be “assisted” by artificial intelligence. Zyro has the guts to bring you something today, albeit imperfect.

Blog title generator

Writing irresistible blog titles cannot be improvised. You need to follow a precise formula to come up with a catchy title.

Again, Zyro offers you a tool to generate catchy titles. Beyond the fact that the generator only offers titles in English, the functionality is, after all, very limited. You select a category and then access a list of suggested titles.

Although difficult to reuse as is, this list has the merit of being an “automatically” generated source of inspiration for you, a bit like if you had spent 1 hour brainstorming with a colleague…

In short, like other tools you can find on the web, Zyro’s blog post title generator should be used primarily as an “idea generator”.

Image clipping tool

The visuals you use on your website are crucial. However, for the vast majority of site editors who do not have the advanced knowledge of a graphic designer on tools like Photoshop, a problem remains: cropping images.

This painful task is always risky:

  • executed well, it can give an exceptional visual, which perfectly matches the look & feel of your site.
  • Get it wrong, and you’ll immediately look like you’ve cut your images out of paint, with scissors!

To solve this problem, which has made more than one clumsy entrepreneur grumble about Photoshop, Zyro wanted to provide a simple solution: image clipping in 1 click.

Of course, a professional graphic designer would certainly do better, but for an automatic result that took 3 seconds, the result is rather a pleasant surprise.

My opinion on Zyro’s AI tools for MANAGING & OPTIMIZING your website

website importer

You already have an existing website, and you are reluctant to have to re-integrate everything manually on another CMS? Fortunately, Zyro ensures the “portability” of your website from one platform to another.

Zyro allows owners of sites on Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, or Weebly to move their site by pasting a simple URL, and clicking a few buttons…

Zyro is smart to offer this kind of functionality:

  • by making it less painful and less frightening to migrate to another platform,
  • the low-cost CMS gives itself every chance of capturing VSEs, its core target,
  • whose job often has nothing to do with creating a website, and who are not fully satisfied with their current CMS.

Heat maps

We are starting to get into features that will appeal to the marketer in you.

Like other solutions on the market, Zyro provides you with a predictive heatmap tool that lets you know “what” your website visitors are focusing on. This is valuable information that will allow you to subsequently implement optimizations to improve your conversion rates.

Moreover, as it is a predictive heatmap, which relies on an algorithm that models many eye-tracking studies, you can anticipate the attention zones of your web pages even before they are published!

Since modifying your site is a breeze with Zyro, it ‘s easy to immediately transform these analyzes into concrete modifications on your site : move a button to make it more visible, adjust an image effortlessly, revise the font of a title to make it more impactful… All this will be done in a few seconds in the platform.

For impatient entrepreneurs who haven’t fallen into the digital pot, and for whom setting up an A/B test is a challenge, the incorporation of this predictive heatmap tool is a godsend. No technical complexity, an instant result, an analysis that is obvious… In short, an excellent way to replace the different testing plans that are legion in digital marketing.

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My opinion on Zyro’s AI tools for your MARKETING

business name generator

The approach is quite unique… Usually, entrepreneurs think long and hard about the name of their company, the choice of their domain name… Zyro is the machine that will suggest the name of your online store.

I tried it for you, and I must confess to you… that the relationships between the initial keywords and the names suggested by Zyro are not always obvious!

Certainly, in the list of 80 business names, there are a few that will be interesting. But overall, one can wonder about the way the algorithm works.

The positive point, however, is that the proposed names correspond to available domain names. With over a billion websites online worldwide, finding an “available” name isn’t always easy!

Logo creation

What would a business name be without a logo? Not much… Don’t worry, Zyro has also thought of providing a logo creation tool for all entrepreneurs who don’t have an artistic streak!

The functionality is quite fun, and it is true that you get a logo in less than 1minute, watch in hand! However, don’t expect a Madmen-like result:

  • You select a basic idea,
  • choose the dominant color palette for your logo,
  • then refine the shape of the latter,
  • before bringing the final details (like adding your tag line for example)
  • and There you go !

The graphical results are fairly straightforward, and don’t promise extreme differentiation. However, it must be recognized that this tool is useful for:

  • lancer un side business,
  • test a business idea on the fly,
  • create a mono-product site with its own brand,
  • or even if the “branding” of your business is not your top priority.

Slogan generator

We have just seen that it was possible to add a tag line to your logo. Only maybe you lack inspiration? Again, Zyro offers you a slogan generator!

All you have to do is add a single keyword and “tadaaa”, you get a list of slogans generated as if by magic!

Weak point for speakers, the suggestions are in English. The slogans follow pre-formatted formulas, which do not always “stick” to the keyword that has been entered. Nevertheless, it may inspire you to follow some copywriting avenues that remain interesting.


To summarize my opinion on Zyro’s “AI” features, they are interesting but they will not revolutionize the edition of your site either. Do not expect to generate in 1 click logos, texts, slogans that can compete with what a real pro does.

However, for a platform as affordable as Zyro (from €1.55/month!), we can only take our hat off.

In a way, I am convinced that this offer of “AI services” will be the standard in the future for all CMS platforms: they will no longer be site creation tools, but “hubs” to create business from A to Z, relying on the assistance of algorithms of all kinds… In this sense, Zyro foreshadows what will be expected, in a few years, from all CMS platforms on the market.

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