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8 good reasons to do coworking

by Sorbaioli
8 good reasons to do coworking

The younger generations appreciate having more and more flexibility in their work and do not feel the need for a “dedicated office”. For them, going “to the office” is not always the place where they can flourish and the companies that employ them have often noticed up to 52% reduction in productivity for some of them.

Moreover, in recent years, self-employed workers have no longer hesitated about the choice of where they want to work, either from home, but 69% often feel isolated there, or in spaces that provides conviviality, sociability and a layout that suits them to develop their projects: these are shared workspaces (coworking, from the name given to it by founder Brad Neuberg in San Francisco in 2005).

As the curve below shows, the number of coworkers seduced by this option is constantly increasing around the world. If only in Ile de France, between 2009 and 2018, they increased by 23,700%!

Coworking can take place in different places:

  • in the company itself without having an assigned office,
  • at his home with other people on his team,
  • in cafes that specialize in this coworking activity,
  • in some incubators and fablabs,
  • 88% in spaces created by coworking companies where all the conditions are met to promote well-being at work.

In this article, we are going to look at the main reasons that guide this choice to work in coworking.


1 / Coworking represents a financial gain for the entrepreneur

Whether companies are large or small, from March 2020, almost all of them had to put their employees into telecommuting when their position allowed it.

And it’s not over because the leaders have finally found their account! Still in this fall of 2020, 40% want to continue this way of working for their employees.

Why ? The main reason for this is the savings it generates. Instead of each employee occupying a workstation in the premises that the company rents, everyone can work remotely.

Consequence: the company no longer needs to keep such large premises to accommodate them all at once, but simply a suitable space for occasional meetings, for teams for example. Hence a great saving in rent, equipment and various fittings.

Even if the company has to pay for coworking spaces for each employee or even for entire teams, the financial gain will be there.

In addition, entrepreneurs have noticed that coworking has positive effects on employee productivity, and therefore on the company’s turnover, for various reasons that I will discuss later in this article.


2 / Pool coworking services

The flexibility that characterizes coworkers goes hand in hand with a search for savings. We have seen it for large companies, but this search also exists for smaller ones and freelancers.

By sharing office space that they rent out when they need it – moreover not necessarily to work “during office hours” during the day! – they save hassle and money. Instead, see the average prices.

It is much cheaper and less complicated than renting a room that will serve as a furnished or unfurnished office with all the regular additional charges that will have to be assumed.

In addition, we pool all the technological equipment we need without having to worry about its maintenance, renewal, subscriptions.


3 / Coworking is a choice for freelancers or young companies

We note that coworking is of great interest to the Millennial generation. They are either:

  • young entrepreneurs who, for example, embark on self-entrepreneurship,
  • start-ups that are starting up,
  • independents
  • freelancers…

It is a way for them to have an entrepreneurial headquarters to professionalize them, a place where they settle down to work, receive their clients.

In addition, the coworking space makes it possible to separate professional and family life, which has several advantages. Indeed, working at home is not ideal for concentration in work nor, most of the time, for its material organization.

The trend is therefore towards the “flexible office”: this allows you to work one day close to home, another day when you have a client meeting at the other end of the city, then to choose another space… easy, just remember to book with the coworking company directly online.

4 / In coworking, no worries about setting up your workspace

If you have to or prefer to work from home, nothing is easy to settle in! And this can even generate a more or less significant cost, and even more… if however we have the space to develop it…..

By choosing to work in a coworking space, no problem: everything is provided (except your computer of course). Once your space is reserved, you can sit in front of a large table with your whole team or alone on a desk with an ergonomic chair to avoid the fatigue of long working hours.

There are also available in these turnkey spaces, photocopiers, internet connection, telephone, etc.


5 / Coworking offers an environment designed for well-being at work

Well-being at work is one of the key elements in optimizing productivity.

Given the demand, the number of coworking spaces has exploded in all major cities and especially in Île-de-France with 35% of spaces, including 23% in Paris. Some differentiate themselves by multiplying more or less personalized proposals, such as Morning ‘s coworking spaces in various districts of Paris.

This company emphasizes the well-being of the worker, all the conveniences he can find there and often customization on demand. Such a layout promotes creativity, concentration, calm and therefore productivity.


6 / In coworking we have comfortable and welcoming common areas

It is the common areas that will give the atmosphere of these coworking spaces. There are places to relax to manage stress, take breaks while chatting with other coworkers, etc.

It’s a kind of community that is being created : we know how to stop to have a bite to eat in the communal kitchen, have a drink with someone with whom we can exchange pleasantly, we can circulate without disturbing others or relax because individual spaces are provided to be able to isolate themselves if necessary.

In the common areas, here and there, you can find a phone booth in which you can quietly make your phone call to your customers, but also “bubble” spaces for a small group meeting with a screen available.

7 / Occupy different coworking spaces according to your needs

Not all coworkers are self-employed. There are fledgling small businesses that want to take advantage of these spaces but need more room. Most coworking companies have provided for this and have meeting rooms for any large team.

Receiving a client is an important moment. Why not book a “rooftop space and “show off?

There are many coworking spaces that adapt to the needs of their customers, allowing them, depending on the moment, the occasion, the visit of customers, team meetings, or even events, to be able to continue using the spaces. of coworking whatever the size of their company. But they also know how to adapt to the evolution of the coworker if his small business takes off.


8 / Take advantage of the benefits of sociability in coworking

It is not in human nature to live alone: ​​humans are sociable.

Being isolated all day remains difficult to manage even professionally. Working in coworking is an opportunity to meet and socialize. When you are on the premises of a company, you meet and discuss with your colleagues. When you are self-employed, telecommuting or setting up your small business, becoming a coworker is a real plus for optimizing rewarding communication with others.

Besides, why not work in an open space if you prefer? You feel less alone, it’s more convivial, mutual aid will be put in place even more easily. You thus have an infrastructure adapted to the exercise of a professional activity, and the opportunity to meet individuals with diverse backgrounds.

Being in a common workspace is a rich place for meetings and promotes business opportunities because you get to know people who will be interested in you or whom you find interesting. The exchange with many other entrepreneurs is always rewarding:

  • we may need opinions from people in the same profession,
  • share skills that will enhance or complement your work,
  • networking by finding new customers, new partners and even service providers,…
  • be encouraged and celebrate their successes,
  • And finally the possibility of creating a network which is far from negligible!

Bonus: how to find a coworking space?

Finding a professional location is not easy. For lack of time, of information, some people give up because they don’t know at all how to go about finding a business center, or an office in a coworking space.

If you are one of these people, then do not panic, because there are platforms to find professional locations. It is very useful to find a business center, a coworking space no matter where you are. It should be noted that you can also find virtual offices there at a budget that suits you, as well as offices in coworking spaces throughout France.

This platform supports a very large number of French cities like Paris, Nice, Bordeaux, Alsace, Normandy and several other cities. Take the test, you will find a space in most cities in France!

you just have to choose the city or region in which you want to find virtual offices, a business center, or even offices in a coworking space. You will see the number of professional locations available by city. For example, if you are interested in a coworking space, all you have to do is mention the city, choose the neighborhood, and select a rate that is appropriate for you.

Conclusion: coworking improves your productivity

Whether it is companies that install their employees in coworking spaces or the self-employed who use it, what all these leaders are looking for is an improvement in productivity.

There is a need for a balance between professional productivity and personal well-being.

It has been shown that you get a significant increase in productivity in a coworking space where you feel good, in good working conditions.

Let’s recap the main reasons for this improvement:

  • I separate my personal, family life from my professional life.
  • I have a friendly address for my clients or my team meetings. This address is equivalent to a real “business center”.
  • This “business center”, at a reasonable cost, allows me to invest in the development of my own business.
  • I can adapt my work to my personal rhythm as well as the locations which may vary according to my needs. I have a “flexible office”.
  • In this “shared office” space, I find a layout completely adapted to my needs, whether for the ergonomics of the equipment or the size of the spaces.
  • By reserving the coworking spaces that suit me, I have no additional material or financial worries: everything is shared, pooled.
  • I am not isolated because I regularly meet many people who allow me to discuss my job or other skills, get me any help and above all build up a real network.
  • comfortable and friendly common areas that contribute to a relaxed atmosphere.

Here is to finish a very interesting infographic produced by Eloïtsmi for Officevibe clearly showing the advantages of coworking, and the extent that it will certainly take in the future. Bright colors, playful illustrations: ideal to dive into!

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