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3 Signs It’s Time to Delegate Your Google Ads Campaigns (True Stories)

by Sorbaioli
3 Signs It's Time to Delegate Your Google Ads Campaigns (True Stories)

As a business owner, your time is valuable. And it must be recognized that you cannot always afford to devote it entirely to Google Ads campaigns which could be delegated to a specialist in this field.

I think that the choice of some entrepreneurs to manage their Google Ads campaigns themselves remains a valid option. They can absolutely learn to master the platform, and achieve more than satisfactory results if they invest in the right knowledge, and make the effort to apply the techniques of the best to their own account.

That said, do you have to persist in wanting to do everything yourself? The answer is obviously “no”… On the contrary, it is important to know when it is time to unburden yourself so that you can focus on other aspects of growing your business.

Here are 3 signs that indicate it’s time for you to delegate your Google Ads campaigns.

1/ You don’t have time to manage your Google Ads campaigns properly

The true story: an “overbooked” entrepreneur who multiplied his Google Ads profitability by 3 by delegating

His name is Gregory. He is the head of a small business of 3 people which generates (all the same) 6 million turnover per year. For almost 3 years, he managed his own Google Ads campaigns. Well trained, and approaching the task seriously, Grégory succeeded in making Google Ads his first lever for generating customers. Yes, but here it is: he is exhausted.

Like many entrepreneurs, Grégory is the Swiss army knife of the company : he speaks with his clients, convinces his prospects, sends tailor-made quotes, makes invoices, monitors his accounts, manages his marketing from A to Z, and so much more…

The need to take a break is felt: he decides to entrust the management of his Google campaigns to a service provider.

It turned out to be a very profitable decision (although he’s been very serious about managing his campaigns so far): beyond the time he can now spend on other tasks, delegating Google Ads has a real expert allowed him to multiply his advertising profitability by 3!

The moral: if you don’t have the time to seriously devote yourself to it, delegate the management of your Google Ads account

If you don’t have time to manage your campaigns, it’s obviously a good idea to delegate them to an SEA agency or a Google Ads freelancer.

In addition to the fact that you can’t dedicate enough hours to managing your account properly, in most cases Google Ads isn’t your first job. Therefore, an expert will remain more productive than you.

But productivity is what you should look for first when you have hundreds of tasks to manage simultaneously!

To find out if you are in this situation, ask yourself:

  • Are you working too many hours?
  • Do you spend endless time using Google Ads because of its complexity?
  • Or do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information involved in managing multiple campaigns at once?

If one or more of these statements apply to you, it might be time to shed your Google Ads responsibilities.

2/ Your Google Ads campaigns are not profitable

The true story: Although competent, an outside eye allowed Steve to be profitable every day with his Google Ads campaigns

Steve did it right. He has invested time and money to properly train himself in Google Ads. However, it was without counting on the complexity of its business. It is an intermediary, which connects consumers with the right offer in the financial sector.

Like 90% of businesses that use Google Ads, Steve does not measure conversions (because this happens after the fact, and elsewhere than on his site) and he jostles in a market where CPCs exceed regularly the 5€. He may apply himself, and implement techniques that work for many other businesses, but at the end of the month, the conclusion remains the same: he has earned less money than he has spent. in advertising.

That’s when Steve changes his strategy. All the knowledge and knowledge he has accumulated on Google Ads, he uses it to find a “nugget provider”, a real Google Ads expert (because yes, finding a good SEA provider is often like looking for a needle in a haystack).

He then finds the partner who suits him like a glove, and who deploys unique and very sophisticated strategies that finally allow him to embrace profitability. Now, every day his campaigns run, Steve’s SEA investments are paying off. He is calm, earns money even when he sleeps, and gets along wonderfully with his service provider.

The moral: if your Google Ads ads are making you lose money, hiring an expert allows you to benefit from an outside eye and break the glass ceilings

If you’re feeling frustrated because nothing seems to be working despite your best efforts (and maybe even a lot of money), then it’s time to seek outside help. It will save you time, hassle and money!

Even if you feel you have the skills, if you’ve been running your Google Ads campaigns for a while and they aren’t profitable, it’s time to delegate them. It is in your immediate interest!

Why ? Let me list a few reasons:

  • If your campaigns aren’t profitable and you run them alone, you’ll end up burning out and spending more money than your ads are bringing in – which is never a good sign!
  • By trying hard to find the right approach, you miss the opportunity to grow your account, to win more customers and develop your business.
  • The external eye, of a real Google Ads specialist, will save you precious time, because it will bring to the table techniques that you would have taken more time to find, test, and implement.

Either way, if your Google Ads ads are making you lose money, try hiring a professional who “knows what they’re doing” and can handle your account management.

3 / You need cutting-edge expertise to take it to the next level

True story: A startup whose budget needed to be multiplied by six times felt the need to delegate its Google Ads campaigns to a senior consultant

A great startup, which is positioned in a promising niche in the real estate sector. The structure already has around sixty people and for more than 5 years, the growth in turnover has been double digit.

For the marketing manager, there is no doubt that Google Ads has played an important role in sales growth so far. But the company has even bigger ambitions. It wants to take a leading position, and distance competitors (present & future) on Google to defend their market share.

The company had always managed its advertising internally and that was more than enough for the 5k€ they spent per month. But with these new development plans, the situation is changing. The company plans to invest up to €20k and is looking for a senior Google Ads professional who will be able to take the helm of their SEA acquisition. It is therefore without hesitation that the marketing manager starts looking for the best service provider to whom to delegate his campaigns.

After several failures (2 or 3 service providers who were not up to standard), he finally found his rare pearl after a year and a half of research. Acceleration can begin.

Today, budgets go up to 60k€, while respecting the desired acquisition cost. Incoming requests are so numerous that the sales team had to be doubled in the space of 2 years.

The moral: to grow a business, you have to surround yourself with the best, and this also applies to your Google Ads campaigns.

Perhaps you are an ambitious advertiser, who wants to make Google Ads his main engine of growth ? It’s time to move up a gear, but you lack expertise and you feel the need to have answers from a real SEA specialist? Then you should indeed consider delegating your campaigns.

To maintain your competitive edge, you need your acquisition to run like clockwork, and every dollar invested professionally managed.

Especially if the financial stakes are high. When you invest 5k€, 10k, 20k€ or more in Adwords advertising, it is important that this budget is managed according to the rules of the art.

In addition, delegating the management of your account to a service provider can be an excellent solution, more advantageous economically than recruiting a dedicated person internally (especially if you want senior profiles, real SEA experts).


If you find yourself in any of the situations described in this article, it’s definitely a sign that it may be time to consider delegating your Google Ads campaigns to a certified expert.

However, I invite you to carefully evaluate upstream the most profitable way for you : have it done or do it yourself? Especially if your budgets are low (below €3k/month), because the performance gains brought by a service provider will not necessarily reimburse his fees. In this case, it may be more profitable in the medium term to train yourself and manage your campaigns yourself.

Especially since the Google Ads agency and freelance sector is a veritable jungle. Finding a good partner is therefore sometimes like an obstacle course.

That said, depending on your situation and your ambitions, entrusting your Google Ads campaigns may prove to be the best decision for your acquisition strategy, and your business.

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