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50 compelling Pinterest stats that marketers will care about

by Sorbaioli
50 compelling Pinterest stats that marketers will care about

Social networks are numerous today and have more and more importance in the daily life of everyone. Among the platforms that are rising, we find Pinterest. This San Francisco social network, focused on visual content, has continued to grow its community of users. So much so that Pinterest is seriously considered by marketers, who have everything to gain from gaining skills on this social network which turns out to be “there for a long time”.

Today I will discuss, with 50 recent and eloquent statistics, the rise of this social network that has become essential.

Pinterest is experiencing a certain success and enthusiasm and making the most of this marketing communication tool is now a major challenge for companies.

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Now let’s go for the 50 Pinterest statistics!

The statistics are presented in the form of a bulleted list (stylized for the occasion). The sources are indicated in parentheses, in italics.

Pinterest is the rising social network

Pinterest reach is massive

Are you one of those marketers who think that social media marketing is only limited to Facebook and Instagram? Get ready to challenge your beliefs! With a massive and growing audience, Pinterest is definitely playing in the big leagues.

  • The growth in the number of visitors on Pinterest was 4,000% between 2017 and 2018 ( Pellerin-formation.com )
  • At the end of 2019, Pinterest had 322 million monthly active users ( Pinterest )
  • As of Q2 2020, Pinterest had 416 million monthly active users globally (including 23% in the US) ( Moderator’s Blog )
  • 30% of Americans active on social networks use Pinterest ( Emarketer )

A California success story

Like many tech companies, Pinterest was born in California, San Francisco to be exact. The success that we have just described at the audience level has logically turned into a financial success. Today, Pinterest is a publicly traded company with 10-figure revenue.

  • Pinterest has over 4 billion boards ( Moderator Blog ) and over  200 billion pins ( Oberlo )
  • 2 million users register pins daily ( Moderator’s Blog )
  • It was in 2019 that the San Francisco firm exceeded the symbolic bar of 1 billion dollars in turnover (Wall Street Journal)
  • As of August 2020, Pinterest’s capitalization was valued at over $21 billion ( Google finance )

Pinterest has adopted a differentiating model, which appeals to users

The social network has established itself as one of the main visual search engines

While the other dominant social networks were still playing on the “post” format, Pinterest took the opposite course by becoming “the” social network dedicated to images. Imagined as a reminder, Pinterest has certainly become one of the largest image databases in the world.

  • Pinterest sees over 2 billion monthly queries ( Oberlo )
  • The end-of-year celebrations boost searches on Pinterest, which counted 321 million searches over this period ( Pinterest )
  • 85% of searches are done on the mobile app ( Moderator’s Blog )
  • Related searches are watched by users since they generate 40% of the total engagement on the platform ( Pinterest )
  • 67% of people have discovered new brands by searching on Pinterest ( webmarketing-debutant.fr )

Users love Pinterest, and are very active on the platform

While some studies showed a certain “disengagement” on platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest has been able to attract and retain an audience of “super loyal”. It is the social network that manages to keep its users the longest on its platform. It is also a social network that really inspires Internet users to embark on projects, to take action.

  • 55% of US consumers say Pinterest is their favorite social network ( Digimind )
  • 52% of American Millennials use Pinterest every day ( Pinterest )
  • A Pinterest user spends an average of 14.2 minutes per visit ( Branex )
  • 85% of users say Pinterest helps them start new projects ( Pinterest )
  • 70% of people on Pinterest use the search function, save a pin or click on it ( webmarketing-debutant.fr )

Pinterest users have everything to interest brands

Rather affluent individuals, who have a sense of family

All marketers dream of being able to address a mature population, with strong purchasing power, and who commit their budget to various and varied items, ranging from family vacations to canned peas… This is precisely the profile of Pinterest users.

  • Half of Pinterest users earn $50,000 or more per year, and 10% of households earn more than $125,000 ( buylemeilleur.com )
  • The median age of Pinterest users is 40 ( buylemeilleur.com )
  • 48% of users are parents ( Business of Apps )
  • In 2018, Pinterest saw  a 450% growth in the number of fathers on its platform, who were looking for activities to do with their offspring ( Sprout Social )

Pinterest is the most “feminine” social network that exists

What makes the social network “unique” compared to its competitors is the dominant presence of women on the platform. For many marketers, women are a prime target. Some products are just for them, and sometimes they hold the purse strings for the whole family!

  • About 80% of Pinterest users are women, slightly older than the average for other platforms like Instagram ( Swello )
  • 3 out of 5 new subscribers are women ( Pinterest )
  • Women are behind 93% of Pins on Pinterest ( Search Engine Watch )
  • On Pinterest, an active user shares an average of 158 pins ( Omnicore )
  • 85% of women use Pinterest to plan events in their life compared to 44% for Instagram and 53% for Facebook. ( SproutSocial )

Pinterest is a “shopping aid” tool for consumers

Unlike other platforms, Pinterest users are more than willing to engage with brands, discover products, and be guided to new purchases. In fact, Pinterest has become for some consumers a real purchasing tool: they use it to create “wishlists”, compare products with each other, share interesting products, etc.

  • 78% of users rate pins posted by brands as useful ( Pinterest )
  • Almost 2 million people pin products every day ( MarketingLand )
  • 64% say the platform helps them find new ideas, products and services ( Pinterest )
  • Focus on millennials: 59% say they have discovered new products thanks to Pinterest ( Swello )
  • 58% of Pinterest users believe that the social network helps them in their purchasing decisions ( Sprout Social ).
  • 84% of users consult Pinterest when they hesitate before buying a product ( Pinterest )

A platform where products naturally have their place

For brands, Pinterest wants to be a sales booster

For marketers, Pinterest represents an opportunity to earn additional sales. Between the fact that the audience is “open” to brand content and that their profile will interest more than one marketer, it makes sense that Pinterest is a platform to really consider in its marketing arsenal.

  • 90% of users consult Pinterest to inform a purchase decision ( Swello )
  • Even when they are not actively looking for a product, 72% of Pinterest users say they are inspired to buy by the pins they consult ( Pinterest )
  • Pinterest users typically spend 29% more than those who don’t use the social network ( Pinterest )
  • Millennials who use Pinterest spend 17% more than those in the same age group who don’t use the platform ( Pinterest )
  • 41% of users continue to use Pinterest “in-store” ( Pinterest )

Pinterest has also become a significant advertising lever for marketers

How to accelerate your marketing results? By giving a little boost with advertising of course! As on other social networks, Pinterest markets advertising solutions that allow brands to better highlight their products and increase their visibility on the platform.

  • Pinterest estimates that advertisers can reach 169 million people with their ad formats ( We are social ).
  • Users say ads on Pinterest are 1.4 times more relevant and useful than those on other platforms ( Pinterest )
  • Pinterest’s marketing ROI is $2 earned for $1 invested ( Pinterest )
  • 28% of marketers use Pinterest for advertising (Statista)
  • Promoted Pins are re-pinned an average of 11 times per ad ( MarketingLand )
  • 50% of Internet users using Pinterest have made a purchase after seeing an ad on the social network (Omnicore)
  • Ads earned Pinterest US$1.03 billion in 2019 (Statista)

Some tips to boost your marketing on Pinterest

What are Pinterest marketing best practices? The few statistics that I am about to share with you will certainly put a flea in your ears.

  • Pins that show  a product/service on promotion increase the chance of conversions by 67%  (Pinterest)
  • An image description incorporating a call-to-action can increase engagement by 80% (Neil Patel).
  • Pinning product images with a price increases likes by 36% on average (Shopify)
  • Themes related to a life event or a special holiday show a conversion rate that exceeds 22% (Pinterest)
  • Pinning 15-30 images a day seems to get better results (Buffer).

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