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Facebook Business Manager – Why does it appeal to marketing and digital professional communication?

by Sorbaioli
Facebook Business Manager - Why does it appeal to marketing and digital professional communication?

When Mark Zuckerberg founded the social network “The Facebook” in 2004 for Harvard University students to post their personal data and profile.

However, today, Facebook is the most used social network after Google and YouTube with 2.7 billion people active every month in the world, including millions in Europe.

Suffice to say that it is a network which has a strong popularity and which companies have thought of to develop their business. 10 years ago I already asked the question in one of my articles “In B2B Marketing should you have a Facebook page ”? The answer was “yes”!

And today, in 2020, it’s even better with a recent tool that Facebook has created to help companies ensure that their advertising formats and content pages attract attention and spur action. This is Facebook Business Manager. We will see why marketing professionals, agencies or entrepreneurs can no longer do without this social network.

1st reason: creating a Facebook Business Manager account is easy to install and free

1/ Create the Business Manager account in 2 minutes

If you are already registered on Facebook, which is the case for most companies, creating your Facebook Business Manager account is very easy, fast and free.

By clicking on “create an account” after logging into your Facebook account, you will enter your name as well as that of the company and your professional email. This is one of the advantages of this interface, you do not mix your personal Facebook account with that of your company.

After having filled in all the details of the company, you will validate the activation of the account in the email received on your professional address. And that’s all!

2/ Add your Facebook pages, your advertising accounts, your professional contacts

You enter one or more Facebook pages that you already had or that you are creating. Then one or more advertising accounts, either by repatriating the existing account(s), or by creating new ones. And finally, you can add:

  • team members or collaborators by giving them full or limited access and a role ; they can also manage pages and advertising campaigns.
  • partners or agencies who, in turn, can add people that they manage themselves from their own Business manager account.

3/ Connect your Instagram account to your Business Manager

In 3 clicks, enter your login information on Instagram and associate it with one of your advertising accounts.

Here is a recap video of installing the interface and you are ready to use all the features of Facebook Business Manager.

2nd reason: Business data is all centralized in one place

Personal activity on Facebook is separated from professional activity

As we saw when creating the account, you no longer mix your personal Facebook account with the Business Manager account to launch advertising campaigns, pay bills, view data… You no longer risk posting a message where it does not. should not be or get distracted by your own Facebook activity! Community Managers must appreciate because they have to manage the advertising accounts of many customers who are then well separated.

All professional activity is centralized in one place

All of the pages you’ve put on the Business Manager account and those you’ll create, as well as all of your advertiser activity with ad accounts are viewable and manageable in one place. And this for you but also for all those to whom you have given access.

Even the performance of advertising campaigns and their statistics are also grouped here. This makes it easy to consult and saves considerable time.

Reason 3: Privacy is respected with Facebook Business Manager

As an administrator of your Facebook Business Manager account, you can authorize access to whoever you want (pages and ad accounts). As for Community Managers, their Business Manager accounts are separate from each other, so there is no risk that other employees or other companies will have access to accounts that are not theirs.

No colleague or partner will have access to your personal data on Facebook. Only your name, company name and contact information will appear. You can control at any time the people to whom you have granted access and the role you have assigned to them. They will not be able to consult other resources, other accounts, other products, other catalogs, other people than those who have been assigned to them.

4th reason: communication is effective on Facebook Business Manager

Whether you have one or more well-organized Business Manager accounts for your company or for an agency, all users involved in your digital marketing actions can quickly and independently find what they need to work efficiently and easily accomplish their professional tasks.

Thus, if several members of a team are working on a digital communication project, the responsible manager can know which person is in charge of which part and how is progressing in his work. It is an easy control that can avoid many errors or delays in the execution of the project.

Additionally, Facebook has launched a new “Business Resource Groups” feature that makes it easier for Business Manager users to assign permissions to additional people or even a group of employees or an entire team that needs to work in another country.

Advantages and disadvantages of Facebook Business Manager

We can understand that Facebook Business Manager is a very attractive and very practical interface to access all the resources that users need to manage the content of Facebook pages and advertising accounts. However, we must not hide our face, we can also find some disadvantages. Let’s recap the pros and cons.

The undeniable “pros” of Facebook Business Manager

  • The management of your marketing projects is simplified, especially if several collaborators or service providers need to access the campaigns carried out.
  • You can control all the actions that take place in real time by each of the people who have access and “in the end”, it is you who will decide.
  • If you entrust the creation of your campaigns to a web marketing agency or a community manager, you will always have an eye on them to check them before they are published.
  • With multiple centralized Facebook Pages, you’ll be able to easily manage multiple target audiences.
  • In your Business Manager account, you analyze the impact of your advertising campaigns to be able to better adapt them to your buyer personas.

The few cons of Facebook Business Manager

  • You will not be able to open a myriad of accounts! Their number is limited but you can try asking Facebook if you want to add more.
  • Please note that once an advertising account has been added, you will no longer be able to delete it. So only add the accounts you have. To access a customer account, simply ask them to grant you access.
  • To tell the truth, the interface is not very easy to use and it can take time to get used to it. Some training courses exist on the internet… In addition, you will have to explain how Business Manager works to your customers.
  • Although Facebook fixes interface issues and errors on a regular basis, bugs can be seen from time to time.

I offer you this infographic which summarizes the pluses and minuses of this interface.

SaveFacebook Business Manager Infographic TemplaterevengeFacebook Business Manager Infographic Template Template

In the end, Facebook Business Manager is still a great helper for companies or agencies that have to manage many Facebook pages and many advertising accounts, which could be a nightmare before.

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