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How to win your first 1000 followers?

by Sorbaioli
How to win your first 1000 followers?

For any business that is starting up or wants to grow, the easiest way to establish itself in the market, acquire new buyers is through communication.

The ideal is to reach the widest possible target audience.

And to do this, social networks are a real opportunity: social platforms already concentrate the vast majority of the population, and make them accessible to brands wishing to make themselves known. Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, therefore, are effective ways to form a community that will begin to interact, animate and attract other users who appreciate your business.

Among the main social networks, the rising star is definitely Instagram. Instagram now has more than 800 million active accounts, which makes this social network one of the largest and most popular. More than 25 million companies have taken advantage of its impact by creating an account there. And for good reason, Instagram is a social network that works!

  • About 75% of Instagram users take action after seeing content and this is manifested through purchases, searches or information sharing.
  • That’s 58 times more than Facebook users and 120 times more than Twitter users.

Yes, but now, when you start, by definition, you start from zero. We have neither notoriety, nor followers and barely a provided profile. To develop yourself, several options are available to you, one of which is to buy followers: we then hope to launch a profile on a social network with already thousands of subscribers to appear more credible from the start.

However, buying fans helps to quickly create a community, but it will never solve the problem of engagement & content quality.

And there are many other techniques to gain your first 1000 followers that will allow you to build a quality community from scratch. This infographic explains in particular how to “gain your first 1000 followers” ​​on Instagram with purely organic techniques.

To remember :

    • Complete your Instagram profile well.
      Your profile should include a photo of your logo or yourself with a quick description and a link to your site. Your Instagram feed should be consistent enough with beautiful, colorful photos that are representative of your business. Contrary to what one might think, prefer photos rather than videos because they report 37 interactions/1000 while videos only report 24/1000.
    • Remember to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook account.
      This makes it easier for your Facebook followers to join you on Instagram. Obvious, but don’t forget!
    • Comment often and regularly on other posts.
      Choose those published in the previous 2 days at most and that they have less than 5 comments to have a better ROI. Pay attention to the # to use so that they are as relevant as possible with your brand. By posting a well-written comment, with many #s, you have a 401% chance of being followed.
    • Like as many images as you can.
      To gain a hundred followers a day, you would in turn need to like a thousand more. This is the “give to get” principle; If you want others to notice you, start by showing them that you care about them too.
  • A profitable strategy: having good content to increase your number of followers.
    1. To make your site visitors see your Instagram account, consider adding a feed of your posts to your own pages.
    2. Mention other accounts and people in your posts to “reach out” to them and increase your follower count.
    3. Put a sharing link to your Instagram profile on other social networks, as well as in the signature of your emails.
    4. On your images, put geolocation tags: this generates 79% more engagement.
    5. By posting on Sunday you significantly increase interactions.

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