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The importance of social networks content – Instagram case

by Sorbaioli
The importance of social networks content - Instagram case

Even on social networks, you have to think about creating quality content that captures the attention of your audience by targeting their areas of interest. Today, let’s take a closer look at the case of Instagram, which is a leader in the field of visual content.
Instagram is the social network of 1 billion monthly active accounts in the world in 2019 and 4.2 billion Likes posted every day. Thus out of 7.3 million unique visits per day by French Internet users, 11.7% connect to Instagram every day. This therefore represents a strong audience and traffic potential that companies do not hesitate to use to the maximum.

An estimated 75% of Instagram users take action after seeing content they like.

This action leads to purchases, searches or sharing. Brands must then bring the target user to their website in order to transform engagement into conversion. This brings us back to the importance of content to communicate effectively.
Three golden rules:

  • The content must be relevant to your brand.
  • It has to have a wide reach so that it can really interest your large community.
  • Your content needs to be actionable.

Instagram professionals rely on tools that will greatly simplify their activities on the platform. They use Instagram marketing and content planning solutions like Combin to target, manage, engage and often analyze their audience automatically.

Tools like those offered by Combin are useful:

To manage the audience:

    • Make search queries (places, keywords, #…) to detect interesting profiles and publications
    • use demographic filters (gender, language, etc.) to target an audience and qualify it,
    • identify real Instagram users who are really interested in your brand,
    • automatically filter and export user lists to an Excel document.
    • detect and unfollow those who do not follow you back with an automatic option that prevents you from wasting time following them,

To view account activity statistics:

    • the number of subscribers,
    • accounts that follow you or have stopped following you,
    • the name of Likes,
    • the number of comments.

To manage multiple Instagram accounts

  • Seek and attract new audiences simultaneously,
  • interact with multiple accounts at once by creating automated comment templates,
  • avoid Spam accounts or other accounts that do not provide quality engagement.

To identify the right influencers

  • Use a search strategy to define the “perfect influencer” for your brand,
  • verify that they are not using bots to increase the number of followers.

All these Instagram tools are of course of no use to you if you do not regularly post quality content as proposed in the infographic below.

To retain :

  • Here is an example of a daily schedule that can inspire you to post a variety of content on Instagram to attract new subscribers, retain your followers and create a community. These contents are to be distributed throughout the month.
    • Content about you and your brand:
      • Introduce yourself.
      • Share the latest about you and your business.
      • Show your products.
    • Content to share:
      • Quotes that inspire.
      • Advice, a testimony, a story…
      • A fun “trick”.
      • Celebrating a birthday.
    • Content to promote:
      • A recent post.
      • A free gift (e-book, a tool in Excel format, a mini-guide on a subject, etc.).
  • Content about your influencers:
    • Quote your influencers and highlight them.
    • Remember to thank them.


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